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The soap likes to play – Fasolki’s song and learning Polish

Written by Ioannes Oculus

Because of a serious threat to people’s health, the coronavirus, people in Poland started to buy out first sanitizers and now soap. Some joke that some people, at last, will start washing their hands, themselves! The current situation is serious but there is no need to panic. Basic precautions should be put in place and most of us will be safe. The problem with washing hands is always more difficult when it comes to children. They strongly feel that it is not necessary. So was the situation when I was young. A song was made many years ago to encourage children to wash themselves. It is full of useful vocabulary, so check the list for new words, listen to the song, learn something new in Polish and stay safe!

mydło – soap
zabawa – fun, playing
zabawa w chowanego – hide and seek
pod wodą – under water
wspaniała – wonderful
przygoda – adventure
zamieniać się w – change into
piana – foam
słomka – straw (for drinks)
bańki mydlane – soap bubbles
umyć – to wash (perfecive form of ‘myć’)
uszy – ears
szyja – neck
pachnieć – to smell
łąka – meadow (locative: łące)
kąpiele – baths
zając – rabbit
berek – game of tag
klasy – hopscotch
brudas – a dirty person

And this is a photo from Biedronka in Katowice (11/03/2020 at about 17:20), people bought out most of the soap. There were queues and people were buying also food and other stuff.

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