How to book a lesson with me?

About our lessons:

Book a lesson with Ioannes Oculus

Book a lesson with Ioannes Oculus

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: £25

Software: Skype, access to Google Docs

About the lessons: Lessons are structured – we follow a path that is designed to help you improve your language skills. They are based on different materials picked to serve our learning goal. These lessons are not only conversations. We will learn new vocabulary and basic grammar rules in order to use them in practice. This will help you avoid making mistakes and speak better.

I also offer conversation lessons from intermediate level (B1+). You will get an article to read or film to see that would be the start of our conversation. These lessons are not structured, but they require some prior language knowledge.

You can find more on My Teaching Philosophy.

Languages though: Polish, English, German

Contact: If you want to have a lesson with me feel free to contact me on Facebook. I’ll tell you if it’s possible to have lessons.

Where to book the lesson: 

Payment via PayPal:

Remember, you need to pay for the lesson just after you book it. One lesson (60 minutes) costs £20. I teach Polish, English and German.