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Written by Ioannes Oculus

Learning a foreign language can be a challenge. One of the keys to success is access to good resources. Those learning languages such as English, Spanish or Russian can find hundreds of thousands of books, websites, podcasts, YouTube channels and other stuff dedicated to language learners. Those who want to learn Uzbek are not in such a fortunate situation. Resources are scares and everything is worth its weight in gold. My goal here is to create here a place where you can find necessary information about them, especially those I personally used.

The list is going to be updated.

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Many textbooks were written in the communistic period. The explanations were written in Russian and Uzbek was written in Cyrillic alphabet. I will not describe them here – my Russian is not good enough to use them and the official alphabet in Uzbekistan is now the Latin alphabet and although Cyrillic is still in use things are changing in favour of the new script. First two on the list are probably the most classic like textbooks, the rest is in alphabetical order by authors (or titles if the author is anonymous).

Gulruxsor Ergasheva, O’zbekona. A1 daraja. Xorijliklar uchun o’zbek tili darsligi. Boshlang’ich daraja, Toshkent 2020

alphabet: Latin

language(s): Uzbek

The book has officially been published last year. This is the best classroom book for learning Uzbek I have come across. It’s accompanied by many audio recordings which make it a must-have resource for everyone who wants to learn the language. As mentioned, it is designed for classroom usage but with the recording and the use of a dictionary is also the one resource you need to start with. It covers the most basic material in nine lessons.

The book will/is available at: uzmotul.com

Azimova Nigora, Uzbek. An Elementary Textbook, Georgetown University Press 2010

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

The other Uzbek classroom textbook is easily available on Amazon. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. Compared to O’zbekona this one covers more grammar and vocabulary topics. It is, however, written in English with not so many (in my opinion) texts in English. It can be probably a great resource for classroom but for a self learner there is not enough comprehensible material (texts, recordings) to immerse oneself into.

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3tPVy9W

Amazon DE: https://amzn.to/3eo85us

Ahmedjanova Zumrad, Uzbek Langauge

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

Another pdf course book. Contains some dialogues and many exercises.

Bodrogligeti Andras J. E., Modern Literary Uzbek. A Manual for Intensive Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses, Lincom Europa 2002

alphabet: Cyrillic

language(s): English, Uzbek

Covers many topics, one of a few resources that can help intermediate students. Strongly focused on grammar.

Doniyorova Saodat. Parlon ouzbek, L’Hermattan 2001

alphabet: Latin

language(s): French, Uzbek

A French course book focused on grammar. No dialogues or other texts.

Hancock-Parmer Michael, Uzbek Language Manuel. An introduction to Uzbek Grammar

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

A basic course of Uzbek language.

Introduction to Republic of Uzbekistan

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

A pdf with basic lessons focused on grammar. Very little texts. It is accompanied by audio which I have never found.

Korotkow Michael, Usbekisch Wort für Wort, Wien 2010

alphabet: Latin

language(s): German, Uzbek

A very short book for self learners designed to help people visiting Uzbekistan as tourists. Audio recordings are available separately.

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2QTXnny

Amazon DE: https://amzn.to/3exSOY3

Rafiyev Abduroziq, O’zturk Tunjay, Nuriddinova Dildora, Chet Elliklar uchun O’zbek Tili 1, Tashkent: O’zbek-Turk 1997

alphabet: Latin

language(s): Uzbek

One of the better older books I found. Is mostly in Uzbek (with an Uzbek-English vocabulary section) and contains some dialogues and texts.

Grammar books

The Uzbek. Tense/aspect/modality system

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

This can be found via Google as a pdf. There is no information about the author. It focuses on the verb and its different uses in Uzbek. Each aspect is illustrated with examples and the translation into English is provided.

Other books – readers

Eltazarov Jo’liboy, Donaboyeva Zarnigor, O’zbekcha O’qish Kitobi. Reader of the Uzbek Language, 2013

alphabet: Latin

A collection of Uzbek texts on different levels of difficulty. You can find it probably as a pdf via Google.

Kava Zuzanna, Jajji izquvar Anya Vud, Toshkent: Sharq 2016

alphabet: Latin

This is a book written by a Polish 9-year-old girl and then translated to Russian and the to Uzbek. It is very difficult for me to say how good the book is as far as the quality of the translation is. The plot itself is… well, it is a crime story written by a child, so do not expect anything special. On the other hand, the language is much simpler than in normal books and therefore can be something to read at an intermediate level. You can find it in Polish libraries, maybe buy it in Poland (as I did some time ago) and in Uzbekistan. Generally, difficult to get but not impossible.

Nishonova Umida, O’zbek xalq ertaklari. The fairy-tales of Uzbek, 2013

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

A small collection of Uzbek fairy tales in two languages: English and Uzbek. You can find it probably as a pdf via Google.

Uzbek Anthology. Simple texts for Language Learners, Oko Jan (ed.), Halillayev Fayzulla (ed.), Katowice 2020

alphabet: Latin

This small book contains a few texts, exercises and a small dictionary. It aims to provide learners with some texts to read at different levels (A1-B1). It is available for free here, on this blog: Uzbek Anthology 2ed.

Деҳқоннинг бир куни. A day of the Peasant, Toshkent: Mumtoz So’z 2009

alphabet: Cyrillic

language(s): English, Uzbek

An Uzbek-English reader.


If there was a good channel dedicated to teaching Uzbek, providing films, stories etc in simply language we would all be extremely pleased. The resources which exist are either not being developed or very young.

Learn Uzbek with MJ

This is the most promising channel at the moment as the author seems really motivated and dedicated to it. It is still relatively young as the oldest video is 6 months old. Today (25/04/2021) there are 15 videos that focus on vocabulary.

Elyor Mirzo – Qiziratli o’zbek tili

The channel belongs to Elyor Mirzo and contains videos of different types. One playlist is expecially interesting for us as it contains video lessons with Ergasheva Gulruxsor, the author of O’zbekona, who explains basic topics of Uzbek language.

Узбекский язык за 47 дней

A few videos that provide basic vocabulary. They seem to belong to a larger course but I could not find any more information about it.

Learn Uzbek With Aman


Learn with Dilnoza Khasilova



Kamran M. Khakimov, Uzbek-English/ English-Uzbek Concise Dictionary

Nicholas Awde, William Dirks and Umida Hikmatullaeva, Uzbek Dictionary & Phrasebook: Uzbek-English English-Uzbek

Andrey Taranov, Uzbek vocabulary for English speakers – 9000 words

Phrase books

Öztopcu Kurtulus, Colloquial Uzbek. A Mini course, Madison: Audio-Forum 1994

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

Although the title promises a course it is rather a collection of phrases. The spelling in the book seems different from the standard Latin spelling. For that reason, I would not advise using it.

Uzbek Basic. Language Survival Guide, California: Presidio of Monterey 2008.

alphabet: Latin

language(s): English, Uzbek

A collection of phrases in English and Uzbek, mainly for military, soldiers etc.

It can be Googled as pdf.



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I am addicted to languages, both modern and ancient. No language is dead as long as we can read and understand it. I want to share my linguistic passion with like minded people. I am also interested in history, astronomy, genealogy, books and probably many others. My goals now are to write a novel in Latin, a textbook for Latin learners, Uzbek-Polish, Polish-Uzbek dictionary, modern Uzbek grammar and textbook for learners. My dream is to have a big house in UK or USA where I could keep all my books and have enough time and money to achieve my goals.

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