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English with John, lesson 3

Written by Ioannes Oculus

Lesson 3


Listening 1: Dialogue

Aziz: Hi, Doniyor! How are you?

Doniyor: Hi! I’m OK. How are you?

Aziz: Fine, thanks. This is Lola. Lola is from Uzbekistan too.

Doniyor: Hello, Lola! How are you?

Lola: I’m fine, thank you.

Doniyor: This is John.

John: Hello. Nice to meet you.

Lola: John, where are you from?

John: I’m from England.

Listening 2: Text

Where is John from? He is from England. Where is Lola from? She’s from Uzbekistan. Is Aziz from Uzbekistan too? Yes, he is. Is Kate from Uzbekistan? No, she isn’t. She’s from England.


isn’t = is not

he’s = he is

she’s = she is


1. Complete the sentences with am, are or is.

  1. Marek … from Poland.
  2. Where … he from?
  3. I … from Uzbekistan.
  4. What … your name?
  5. … you from England?

2. Put the words in correct order.

  1. am / I / England / from
  2. Aziz / Uzbekistan / is / from
  3. meet / to / nice / you
  4. your / name / is / what
  5. is / Aziz / where / from



1.1. is; 2. is; 3. am; 4. is; 5. are

2.1 I am from England.; 2. Aziz is from Uzbekistan.; 3. Nice to meet you.; 4. What is your name?; 5. Where is Aziz from?


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