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English with John, lesson 2

Written by Ioannes Oculus

Lesson 2


Listening 1: Dialogue

John: Hello!

Marek: Hello! How are you?

John: I’m fine, thank you. What’s your name?

Marek: My name’s Marek.

John: Are you from Poland?

Marek: Yes, I am. I am from Poland.


John: Salom!

Marek: Salom! Qandaysiz??

John: Men yaxshiman, rahmat. Ismingiz nima?

Marek: Mening ismim Marek.

John: Siz Polshadansizmi?

Marek: Ha. Men Polshadanman.

Listening 2 Dialogue

Doniyor: Hi! What’s your name?

Aziz: Hi! My name’s Aziz. What’s your name?

Doniyor: My name is Doniyor. Are you from Uzbekistan?

Aziz: Yes, I am! And you? Are you from Uzbekistan too?

Doniyor: Yes, I am from Uzbekistan, from Tashkent. Are you from Tashkent too?

Aziz: No, I’m not. I’m from Samarqand.

Doniyor: Nice to meet you.

Aziz: Nice to meet you too.


Doniyor: Salom! Ismingiz nima?

Aziz: Salom! Mening ismim Aziz. Ismingiz nima?

Doniyor: Mening ismim Doniyor. Siz O’zbekistondanmisiz?

Aziz: Ha! Siz-chi? Siz ham O’zbekistondanmisiz?

Doniyor: Ha, men O’zbekistondanman, Toshkentdan. Siz ham Toshkentdanmisiz?

Aziz: Yo’q. Men Samarqanddanman.

Doniyor: Tanishganimdan xursandman.

Aziz: Sizga ham tanishganimdan xursandman.


I am from Poland. – Am I from Poland? – Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

You are from Poland. – Are you from Poland? – Yes you are. / No, you aren’t.


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