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A few Uzbek YouTube channels

Written by Ioannes Oculus

For learning a language, it is necessary to have as much input as possible. According to Krashen’s theory it should be comprehensible input. In case of Uzbek language it very difficult and I haven’t found anything easy to listen to. There are, however, a few channels that I found on YouTube where people speak Uzbek. I hope the list will help you.

I will add better descriptions in future when I will understand more of what they speak about 😛 I hope that they’re really all in Uzbek and not in a similar language. They might represent a dialect and I am not able to say that yet. Please, leave your comments below to make the list better!

Bek Vlogs

The first Uzbek channel I found. A young Uzbek guy living in America is talking about different topics, making fun etc.


A guy living in London who is from Uzbekistan.

Mr. Mirzash

A vlogger.


A vlogger.

Shaha Dolimov

A vlogger.

Kun Uz

A news channel.

BBC Uzbek

News channel. They still use Cyrillic alphabet which makes it more difficult to learn. They also do not translate Russian to Uzbek.


News and other programmes.

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Ioannes Oculus

I am addicted to languages, both modern and ancient. No language is dead as long as we can read and understand it. I want to share my linguistic passion with like minded people. I am also interested in history, astronomy, genealogy, books and probably many others. My goals now are to write a novel in Latin, a textbook for Latin learners, Uzbek-Polish, Polish-Uzbek dictionary, modern Uzbek grammar and textbook for learners. My dream is to have a big house in UK or USA where I could keep all my books and have enough time and money to achieve my goals.

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