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In via ad forum (Disce Latine Lectio IV)

Marcus and Septimus are on their way to Forum. As they are walking through the city they see people talking, quarrelling and hurrying in all directions.

This is the fourth lesson from a very good (probably the best) Latin textbook ever published in Poland. The book is not available anymore but it sometimes can be found second hand.


In viā ad Forum


Mārcŭs ĕt Sĕptĭmŭs ămbŭlant. Rōma pŭĕrōs dēlectat. Ubīque tăbĕrnae ĕt caupōnae sunt. Virī dĭspŭtant, lītigant, clāmant. Ecce caupōna “Ad Aquilam”. Quĭd est?

Vĭr quīdam īram tenēre nōn potest. Clāmat.

Septimus: Dē quō ĭs lītigat?

Mārcus: Certē cōpa in caupōnā virōs, ut hydriās, aquā, nōn vīnō ĭmplet.

Puerī rīdent.

Ecce tăbĕrna aurāria. Ad pŏrtam lectīca est.

Servī dominum exspectant.

Septimus: Spectā, Mārce! Rosae lectīcam ōrnant.

Mārcus: Quem servī exspectāre possunt?

Septimus: Fortāsse Lūcullum?

– Cūr dē Lūcullō cōgitās? – rŏgat amīcum Mārcus.

– Nam Lūcullus convīvās gemmīs dēlectāre amat – rĕspŏndet Septimus.

Mārcus: Cibīs, nōn gemmīs. Convīvae ēius sălsāmĕnta nōn mandūcant.

Septimus: Is convīvās gemmīs nōn ōrnat?

Mārcus: Ōrnat, sed dē rosīs cōgitā, amīce! Fēmina tăntum lĕctīcam rosīs ōrnāre potest.


(appāret Iūlia)


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I use classic restored Latin pronunciation. The text is very basic, so it is useful for beginners in the language.

The book: Wojciech Mohort-Kopaczyński, Teodozja Wikarjakówna, “Disce Latin 1”, PWN, Warszawa 2003.


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