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Iulia Marcum visitat (Disce Latine Lectio I)

Who has come to town? Marcus is going to know it soon as Iulia comes to him to announce the news.

This is the first lesson from a very good (probably the best) Latin textbook ever published in Poland. The book is not available anymore but it sometimes can be found second hand.

Iūlia Mārcum vīsitat

Hic Mārcus hăbĭtat. Ecce porta. Iūlia portam pulsat. Amīcus nōn appāret.

– Dormītat – cōgitat Iūlia. Mārcus dormītāre amat.

Iūlia Mārcum vocat: – Marce! Ma-ā-arce!

Ecce Mārcus!

– Salvē! – Iūlia amīcum salūtat.

– Salvē, Iūlia! – Mārcus Iūliam salūtat et rogat: Quid est? Hannibal ad portās?

– Nōn Hannibal – respondet Iūlia et rīdet (Iūlia rīdēre amat).

– Rōscius ad portās est! Rōscium vidēre iuvat.

Mārcus cōgitat: Quem? Rōscium? Hercle! Quis est Rōscius?

I use classic restored Latin pronunciation. The text is very basic, so it is useful for beginners in the language.

The book: Wojciech Mohort-Kopaczyński, Teodozja Wikarjakówna, “Disce Latin 1”, PWN, Warszawa 2003.


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