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Latin pronunciation – Lectio I

Lectio I (lēctĭō prīmă)

  • lăbōrō
  • lăbōrās
  • lăbōrat
  • lăbōrāmus
  • lăbōrātīs
  • lăbōrant


  • cantō
  • cantās
  • cantat
  • cantāmus
  • cantātis
  • cantant


Lăbōrō. Lăbōrās. Quĭs lăbōrăt? Egō lăbōrō et tū lăbōrās. Nōn lăbōrō. Cūr nōn lăbōrās? Tū lăbōrā, egō cantō.

Nōs lăbōrāmus, vōs cantātis. Cūr nōn lăbōrātis, sed cantātis? Lăbōrātē! Cantāmus et lăbōrāmus. Cantant, sed nōn lăbōrant.

Ōrā et lăbōrā.

canto, āre – [PL] śpiewać

[EN] sing

lăbōrō, āre – [PL] pracować

[EN] work

Source: Tadeusz Marjan Lewicki, Początki nauki języka łacińskiego, Lwów 1926

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