My own bookshop

Written by Ioannes Oculus

Did you ever have a dream that you wished so much to come true that you could give nearly everything to come true? I have such a dream – to have my own second-hand bookshop, my own antiquarian bookshop. And what most exciting, it is coming true!

A few months ago I started selling books on a stand on a street. This very crowded street is now very special to me because it was the big start. I left my job to devote completely to books. Meanwhile, my friends moved their office to a new place. As it was bigger than their needs, they offered me one room there. Wow! I could hardly believe! My dream started to come true. I invested all my money and time to this.

Maybe I do not earn enough now to pay all the bills, but that will come. What’s most important is that at last, I do what I love. I can have books around me all the time. I wish you too that your dreams will come true. You’ll be very, very happy. Even if you’d have some financial troubles for a while. It’s worth your hard work. Go for it!

About the author

Ioannes Oculus

I am addicted to languages, both modern and ancient. No language is dead as long as we can read and understand it. I want to share my linguistic passion with like minded people. I am also interested in history, astronomy, genealogy, books and probably many others. My goals now are to write a novel in Latin, a textbook for Latin learners, Uzbek-Polish, Polish-Uzbek dictionary, modern Uzbek grammar and textbook for learners. My dream is to have a big house in UK or USA where I could keep all my books and have enough time and money to achieve my goals.

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