I named a crater on Mars!

Written by Ioannes Oculus

Some of you maybe heard about Mars One. It’s a private project to send people to Mars with a one-way ticket. This sounds crazy, but already lots of volunteers expressed their interest and now there are more than 700 qualified for next tests. This has no governmental support and all the money is raised from sponsors. The whole thing is going to be made as one big live show like Big Brother.

This idea is very controversial. First of all, it’s the idea of a one-way journey. NASA wants to send astronauts “there and back again”. Mars One is to settle the first colony on red planet from the very beginning. For sure it makes things more complicated as all the necessary supplies will have to be produced by the colonists themselves. There are questions raised about technological preparations, founding and much more.

Despite all the risk and debate if it’s possible or one big fraud I decided to participate a little bit in this. As I’m interested in the topic of people going to Mars I supported the mission with $2 to get the newsletter. I also named one of the craters on Mars with my nickname ioculus. They sent me a certificate which proves that they have it on their maps.

Here are some details about the object I named:

Crater Data

Name: ioculus

Diameter: 1.05 km (0.65 mi)

District: 3255, Province: 425

Latitude: -3.39° N, Longitude: 285.06° E

Named by: Jan Oko, 2014-05-09

Would you name a crater too? How would you name it? Or maybe you would like to go to Mars?

My Certificate

My Certificate

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