“The Painted Man” and “The Desert Spear”

Peter V. Brett

Peter V. Brett

On this blog I have written my opinions about Peter V. Brett’s books “The Painted Man” and “The Desert Spear”. They are both very interesting and are one of the most popular fantasy books in Poland now. Polish publishing house “Fabryka Słów” divided then into to parts, so there are four separate books. What’s interesting they all are in the TOP 10 best selling books published by this publisher. “The Desert Spear” has the first and the second place there and “The Painted Man” seventh and tenth place (you can check this TOP 10).

I really enjoyed reading Peter V. Brett’s books. They are very interesting, author has a very original concept of a story. When you read it you can be often surprised how the plot goes on. Great deed is to handle eight main (or very important) characters. Their fortunes are connected together and the world’s future depends on their decisions and doings. Another interesting thing about Brett’s books is the fact how the cultural differences are shown. Free cities have different cultures, laws. Especially if Krasia is concerned. Will they unite to fight the corelings? Maybe the differences between them are so big, that it is impossible to unite humanity? This differences are also to be seen in real world. Maybe many of our wars are just a matter of misunderstanding each other? Maybe they could be avoided if we tried to sit with a cup of tee and talk? Or maybe they are so big, that it is impossible to understand each other? This questions are vital in story’s and in our world.

Third part of the story “The Daylight War” is said to be published in 2012. I hope it would be at the beginning of that year, because it is said to be the end of the world at that time 😉 Meanwhile you can visit Peter V. Brett’s site to check some news (e.g. what stuff does Peter V. Brett use to write his books) or chat on the dash board. For Polish speakers you can also discuss about his books on this dash board: Nieoficjalne Forum Fabryki Słów.

P.S. I did not mention that I have read this books in Polish, but I would love to read it some day in English.

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