Long, long time ago in Oxford.

You must seize your dreams!

Dreams do not come true themselves. You have to work for it. One of my dreams is to speak as many languages as possible. I really love learning new languages and discovering where they come from. That’s the reason why I’m not only learning new vocabulary and grammar, not only languages that are used now, but also their history and ancient languages. Latin is the one I like the most from all the ancient tongues. One of my goals is to start speaking it fluently.

So I started this blog, as I want to share my interests with other people. As there are so many great things in the world that I like reading about, studying or participating, I’ll be writing here about very different topics.

I have many other interests, like astronomy, books (especially fantasy books), technology, social media, medieval history, history of my family (genealogy) and probably many more. Boredom is a word that never use!

There are two other pages of mine. First is my blog in Polish (ioannesoculus.com), second a website about books, in Polish too (kochamksiazki.pl).

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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